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SEDRIC (SElf-DRiving Car) is the first concept car in the Volkswagen Group. It celebrated its world premiere at the Group evening in Geneva on 6 March 2017. SEDRIC is a cross-brand ideas platform which the Group is using to highlight the key importance of fully automated driving in the future strategy of the company. Design, development, production and sales of vehicles continue to play a central role in this future strategy. Smart mobility solutions are being established as a further area of business for the Group and its brands with the same focus. Participation in the mobility service provider Gett, the establishment of the mobility service provider MOIA and the joint venture with Mobvoi are important steps on this journey.

SEDRIC is a central component of the integrated mobility concept for the road traffic of tomorrow. It is a Concept Car that has been developed from scratch for autonomous driving. SEDRIC provides a concrete insight into the innovative form of individual mobility that can be used by everyone but which can nevertheless be geared to personal needs and aspirations: available at the touch of a button, easy, sustainable, convenient and safe. SEDRIC was devised, designed, developed and constructed in cooperation with the Future Centre Europe of the Volkswagen Group in Potsdam and Volkswagen Group Research in Wolfsburg. Internal and external employees with a range of specialist and personal backgrounds are working here in interdisciplinary, agile teams in order to transform the future vision for the mobility of tomorrow into reality. SEDRIC therefore provides a paradigmatic example for co-creation within the Volkswagen Group.

Since the world premiere in Geneva, significant progress has been achieved in the development of self-driving systems and systems for environment recognition and traffic data analysis.
SEDRIC is therefore becoming the symbol for smart mobility solutions. The Volkswagen Group intends to use them to contribute to overcoming the challenges in cities relating to congestion, air quality and traffic safety. In parallel with the technological progress of the Self-Driving System, the development of solutions in the areas of design, user experience and comfort continue to progress.

The latest family member in the form of SEDRIC Active follows on from the original SEDRIC, SEDRIC 42, SEDRIC Nightlife and SEDRIC Schoolbus. The new sports and out-door model is being presented for the first time on the world stage at the press conference held at CEBIT 2018 on Monday 11 June. The newly styled interior and exterior were specifically designed to meet the individual needs of water-sports fans and people with an active lifestyle. The version of SEDRIC Active presented at the exhibition can transport windsurfing gear comprising surfboard and sail on its roof-rack system. This makes it the ideal vehicle for windsurfers in the future. The touch of a button is sufficient to call up the self-driving vehicle which comes along to chauffeur its athletic passengers with all their equipment conveniently and safely to the desired place for windsurfing. When the water-sports athletes come back on land, SEDRIC Active can be called up at the touch of a button and drives autonomously to pick up its passengers again.


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